Our Products

  • Polyart is an artistic, custom made shape of EPS foam that is custom produced by hot wirecutting with computer aided design and assembled together to provide a specific solutions to your needs. That shape is coated, meshed and finished with our special blend of cement.

Why PolyArt?

  • Stylish : there is no limit to creation or imagination. With PolyArt, you will be adding an elegant detail that will give your projects (house, office, shop, event….) substance.
  • Eco-friendly: preserves the environment
  • Cost effective: material cost less than any other material
  • Easy: easy to install, easy to transport, easy to fix

How is it made?


1. Plain polystyrene cut and colored as required.

Plain polystyrene cut and colored as required.

2. Basecoat & Mesh System:

The Basecoat & Mesh System starts with a nominal high density, virgin polystyrene foam core. A layer of fiberglass mesh and styrothane basecoat are then applied with options allowing several different textured finishes to be field applied.

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3. Styrothane Hardcoat System:

The Styrothane Hardcoat System starts with high density, virgin polystyrene foam core. Then the styrothane hardcoat and primer are applied and finished with a synthetic texture and integral color. Available in multiple colors and textures. This illustration shows the makeup of a complete styrothane hardcoat system, one of the most durable and dependable system in the industry. This multi-layered, composite system comes together to give your structure unparalleled protection and beauty.

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Mold won’t grow on foam100
Foam will not rot100
Polystyrene will not twist100
Light, easy to install100
Heat and Cold insulation100
It is fire resistant100
Long lasting (durable)100